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Catalogic Announces General Availability of its revolutionary Copy Data Management Platform ECX 2.0

Customers worldwide are rapidly adopting ECX 2.0 to manage, orchestrate, and analyze their copy data across the entire data lifecycle

Woodcliff Lake, NJ — Feb 10, 2015 —

Catalogic Software today announced the general availability of ECX 2.0, its copy data management platform that manages the full lifecycle of copy data, allowing IT organizations to leverage data copies to enable mission critical business operations while dramatically simplifying operations and reducing capital and operating expenditures.  Having completed an extensive “early access” program early this year, ECX 2.0 is already in production in dozens of major IT environments across the globe.  ECX is distributed worldwide through Catalogic’s network of value added resellers and distributors. 

“Copies of production data in most IT organizations have grown out of control, and in many cases occupy over 80% of the disk storage.  Companies simply have not had a data management solution that could deal with the problem.  The next great leap in data management will be helping IT organizations get control of their Copy Data situation, while saving money and leveraging the data copies that are created to drive important business initiatives,” commented Ed Walsh, CEO of Catalogic Software.  “The new features of ECX 2.0 complete the platform that was envisioned when this journey began 3 years ago.  With ECX 2.0, customers now have a powerful solution that enables them to manage, orchestrate and analyze copy data throughout their enterprise including the Cloud.  As we anticipated, with the delivery of this major release, customer adoption of ECX is accelerating rapidly.” 

ECX is an intelligent Copy Data management platform that manages the full lifecycle of Copy Data, from creation, to usage for various business functions, to deletion and space reclamation.  ECX is a software only solution, deployed as a virtual appliance that allows the IT team to leverage the existing storage investment it has made.  ECX makes it easy for the IT team to deliver the data copies needed to drive automated uses cases like Recovery, DR, Test/Dev, DevOps and Analytics.

“ECX has restored common sense to our copy data management responsibilities,” commented Jonathan Stinson, Lead Server and Storage Administrator for Hendrick Medical, in Abeline, TX.  “Juggling data for testing, development and restoration is no longer an aggravating experience; it just works like it always should have. Data is readily accessible where I need it, in minutes instead of hours allowing us to pursue solutions with a few mouse clicks that we would have deemed too cumbersome to bother with before.”

“Copy Data management solutions will transform storage and data protection more than deduplication did 10 years ago,” said George Crump, President Founder of Storage Switzerland.  “Catalogic’s ECX platform is an important step forward, especially for data recovery and DR.  By making snapshots safe, searchable and automated you can change the data protection paradigm to leverage snapshots for daily tested DR and instant recovery as well as repurposing for test-dev and analytics.”  

Key Features in Catalogic’s ECX 2.0:

Data Copy Management

ECX enables simple one-click automation for all copy data workflows—from creation of copies, to usage, to expiration and reclamation. Creating these workflows through ECX saves administrators time, drives repeatability of best practices, and reduces the sprawl of snapshots that never get leveraged.  In doing so, ECX drives out complexity and significantly reduces capital and operating expenditures.  ECX goes further by delivering SLA compliance and recovery assurance by providing exception-based reporting on all policies that are managed, as well as detailed logging which allows IT to troubleshoot failures faster and help get the systems back into compliance.

Data Copy Orchestration

Copies are created in order to be used for a business function.  Leveraging Copy Data across the enterprise and cloud for multiple use cases must be one of the key value drivers of a Copy Data Management solution.   ECX allows IT to automate and orchestrate otherwise complex data reuse scenarios for multiple business solutions such as recovery, DR, test/dev and analytics simply and easily.  This orchestration includes storage and VMware infrastructures. 

Copy Data Analysis

Visibility and insight are critical to managing any environment.   Catalogic ECX provides detailed insight and analytics through advances search, customized reporting and file level analytics.   

Ecosystem Integration

The ECX software platform is hardware and hypervisor agnostic, integrating with the copy and replication capabilities of ecosystem partners through extensible plug-is.  ECX 2.0’s currently supported platforms include NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP, ONTAP 7-mode, CLOUD ONTAP and VMware. 

Customers using NetApp Snapshots, SnapManagers, SnapVault and SnapMirror or VMware’s snapshot and cloning capabilities can now leverage ECX to gain a comprehensive intelligent copy data management solution.  Support for other storage platforms and hypervisors will expand rapidly as Catalogic continually tests and certifies new products. 

Supporting Quotes

“Panda’s worldwide operations depend on application uptime and data availability, so disaster preparedness is a top priority for the business. Since 2011, Catalogic has been our chosen vendor to protect and seamlessly recovery over 70 critical business services in a disaster situation. Catalogic’s new ECX combines our DR workflow management with a set of additional critical functionality including recovery management, file analytics and reporting, all of which are essential tools for any DR process and a much needed addition to the DR product space,” said Daniel Mayo, Senior Network Administrator for Panda Restaurant Group.

"At Orion, we've been relying on Catalogic for data protection and disaster recovery for a long time, with great success.  I'm excited about the introduction of ECX as I see it as a powerful platform which leverages Catalogic's strengths, and extends them to enable the IT team to better organize and leverage copy data on a daily basis," commented Rainer Schoepp, System Administrator for ORION Versand GmbH & Co.KG in Germany.

“Enabling ecosystem partners to leverage the strength of our data management portfolio has always been a focus. We provide our customers the choice of partner-delivered technologies integrated with Clustered Data ONTAP. As a partner within our alliances program, Catalogic delivers capabilities that allow our joint customers the opportunity to leverage their NetApp Snapshot and replication environment,” said Tim Russell, vice president of Product Management, NetApp.

“We’ve identified copy data management as a significant customer challenge, and also a growth area for our business.  ECX is clearly a game-changer in copy data management, and we’re excited to join our long-time partner Catalogic in delivering ECX to our customers,” stated Norbert E. Kopp, CEO of Swiss technology distributor, ABO-Storage Distribution AG.

“We have partnered with Catalogic to deliver advanced data protection and DR solutions to our customers for many years, and are now excited to join them in helping customers solve their copy data management problems.  Customers know that their management of copy data is inefficient today, but they’ve had limited ability to address it until now.  ECX is a powerful tool to allow customers to not only better manage the copies they create every day, but also to leverage the copy data that they have to serve critical business functions,” stated Carsten Hinz Managing Director, Strategic Business Development for German reseller Top Media Data Concepts GmbH. 

“Copy data management as part of a catalog of when and how data is changed is an imperative for effective orchestration and automation,” said David Floyer, Co-Founder and CTO, Wikibon. "Catalogic has delivered well-engineered technology, and has an extensive roadmap and strategy to meet the evolving data management and compliance needs of enterprises and service providers.”

"Catalogic’s Copy Data Management is a killer app for flash and hybrid cloud deployments. ECX and flash can be used to create ultra-high performance copies for multiple users and use cases, which drives huge leverage", said Brian Garrett, VP ESG Lab, Enterprise Strategy Group.  "Imagine leveraging one flash pool to service a diverse set of developers, QA teams and data analysts.  It really helps you get the best bang for the buck from flash." 

ECX 2.0 is available now at prices starting at USD$5000 per controller.  Download a free 30-day evaluation of ECX.  For more information on Catalogic ECX solutions, visit Catalogic Software.