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Catalogic Software Introduces ECX Instant Copy Data Management Platform to Catalog and Control IT

Instant Visibility, Insight and Control over Vast Copy Data Sprawl Takes on $44 Billion that Enterprises Now Spend Every Year in Unnecessary Data Proliferation, According to IDC

NetApp Insight US — Oct 29, 2014 —

Catalogic Software, the Instant Copy Data Management company, introduced today at NetApp Insight 2014 the company’s ECX Instant Copy Data Management Platform, which allows Enterprise datacenters to gain unprecedented visibility, insight and control “in a snap” over their vast accumulation of copy data. The ECX software platform is extensible through plug-in providers; current providers include NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP, ONTAP 7-mode, CLOUD ONTAP and VMware.

Laura DuBois, Vice President for IDC’s Storage Practice said, “Maintaining copies of data both locally and geographically, in an online or offline manner is absolutely essential for maintaining service quality. But at some point, it goes from being an insurance policy to paranoia.  In fact, IDC estimated this paranoia contributing to the proliferation of unnecessary copies of data to cost businesses roughly $44 billion last year alone.  The approach that Catalogic Software is taking, with a catalog-based methodology and integrated, end-to-end workflows is quite compelling and differentiated.” Reference: IDC, The Copy Data Problem: An Order of Magnitude Analysis, doc #239875.

Catalogic Software’s vision is to improve organizations’ operational efficiency and business agility by leveraging cataloging and instant data access for recovery, disaster recovery, Test/Dev and business analytics across physical, virtual and cloud environments. The ECX Instant Copy Data Management Platform enables IT, storage and database administrators to catalog files and snapshots across the entire enterprise data set.

  • By cataloging all tiers of NetApp and VMware snapshots, an organization can use ECX to locate any file or object across the data center quickly, identify stale or unwanted data and take action on this data. ECX integrates transparently with NetApp snapshot technology, providing detailed reporting and data re-use workflows for copy data management.
  • The ECX platform can automate instant data access and re-use for multiple purposes across data recovery, disaster recovery and business continuity -- and for transforming Test/Dev into DevOps.
  • Agentless ECX software installs in minutes and leverages current storage investments, no need to rip and replace existing storage platforms to derive value.

Speaking at NetApp Insight US today in Las Vegas, Catalogic CEO Ed Walsh said, “Everybody knows that data is growing unabated.  What is generally agreed to but not understood widely is the fact that most of the data growth in an enterprise is ‘copy data’. In fact, while primary data is growing linearly -- a big challenge in itself  -- copies of that primary data are growing geometrically. A recent study by IDC sizes this ‘over copying’ of data as a $44 billion problem.  Catalogic is giving enterprise IT an instantly actionable way to overcome the over copying problem and leverage data copies for business agility and essential IT operations.  For today’s hard-pressed storage administrators drowning in their enterprise’s deluge of Copy Data, we are pleased to introduce today at NetApp Insight our Catalogic ECX Instant Copy Data Management Platform for what we like to call ‘Instant Visibility, Operational Insight and Business Control.’”

NetApp Vice President of Product Management Tim Russell said, “As we welcome our customer and partner community to our annual Insight in Las Vegas, we look forward to seeing the latest advances from our partners such as Catalogic Software. Our customers realize powerful capabilities to manage their data in the hybrid cloud through the integration of the rich data management services of Clustered ONTAP with the innovative capabilities of our partners."

Catalogic’s ECX software is designed to give storage administrators a handle on proliferating data copies through a platform-level approach that integrates instant data copy visibility, operational insight and business control. NetApp administrators already invested in Snapshots, SnapManagers, SnapVault and SnapMirror can now incorporate ECX to provide a centralized copy data solution. VMware administrators can use the ECX platform to gain control of VM and VM snapshot sprawl to manage and maximize the re-use of copy data.

Instant Visibility: Catalogic ECX fully complements NetApp ONTAP platforms and VMware tools to provide an actionable catalog of all data, as well as instant access to data copies across the environment. As organizations move to Clustered Data ONTAP and hybrid clouds, ECX offers unique content-driven view and insight that is essential to the success of these critical projects.

Operational Insight: Catalogic ECX analyzes millions of data points in the IT environment allowing storage managers to gain insight over data management best practices. An actionable catalog is an absolute must have for IT and storage managers challenged to make the most efficient use of copy data for enterprise data management.

Business Control: Catalogic’s innovative ECX platform leverages Closed-Loop Automated Workflow – aka C.L.A.W. -- to drive the automation of tasks that are typically done via complex and ‘brittle’ scripting.  Complex Clustered Data ONTAP and hybrid cloud environments can now be configured and tested through a simple “drag and drop” interface.  By eliminating scripting, multiple tools and separate consoles and unifying these tasks into a simple intuitive workflow, enterprise IT and storage administrators can drive more efficiency into everyday storage tasks and extract more business agility by easily leveraging existing copy data for multiple data re-use purposes.

ESG Research Validates Catalogic Vision for Instant Copy Data Management

ESG Founder and Senior Analyst Steve Duplessie said, “One of the top IT priorities for 2014 is managing data growth, which is easier said than done.  Organizations need simpler solutions like Catalogic’s ECX Instant Copy Data Management Platform to catalog, access and manage today’s vast amounts of data across multiple storage arrays. The platform provides a very powerful solution for NetApp environments including private and hybrid cloud deployments. Catalogic Software is a company to watch, they have the technical chops to successfully tackle this very hard problem.”

ECX Instant Copy Data Management Platform is available now at prices starting at USD$5000 per NetApp controller.  Download a free 30-day evaluation of ECX at: https://catalogicsoftware.com/products/ecx.  For more information on Catalogic ECXTM solutions, please visit Catalogic Software at www.catalogicsoftware.com.