Design Matters: Why In-Place Copy Data Management is the Right Choice

Industry watchers all agree that Copy Data Management is becoming must-have technology. But not all solutions are the same. Design matters! This webinar will discuss the two major copy data solution designs, how they are different, and key use cases for both designs. Before you make any buying decisions, you

On-demand webinar recording available.

Coffee Talk - 15 Minute Webinar Series

Don’t have the time for an hour-long webinar? Then we have the answer for you! Our Catalogic Coffee Talk 15 Minute Webinar series provides short, content-heavy webinars that get right to the point of how Catalogic can help you with your biggest IT challenges around storage, data management, Dev-Test and more.

Join us! These webinars are just long enough to enjoy with a cup of coffee. And for each webinar, we’re giving away three $10 Starbucks gift cards so you can enjoy your next cup of coffee on us.