Hybrid Cloud Solution for Daily Automated DR with the IBM Softlayer Cloud

The limitless compute resources of the cloud are perfectly suited for disaster recovery. But many organizations have tried and failed to make it work. The reason is the lack of automation and orchestration, and an inability to easily connect corporate system-of-record data with cloud compute. This session will demonstrate how Catalogic, Softlayer and NetApp join forces to deliver an elegant solution that allows clients to easily set up and run DR to the cloud, which includes the ability to run daily fully-automated DR testing.

On-demand webinar recording available.

In this webinar, you'll:

  • Learn how to easily leverage the cloud for DR
  • Learn how to automate and orchestrate cloud-based DR testing
  • Find out how Catalogic, SoftLayer, and NetApp have joined forces to provide the best cloud-based DR solution possible
  • Get answers to your hybrid cloud DR questions

Hosted & Presented by:
Scott D. Lowe
Partner, ActualTech Media