No more squeeze balls! Why we ditched swag for Pure //Accelerate 2019 Posted on Sep 6th, 2019 by Peter Eicher

With trade show season in full flight, an IT person’s fancy turns to… swag! You know, all that free giveaway stuff from tech vendors. Stuff with logos on it. Squeeze balls, pens, water bottles, and countless other tchotchkes. Who doesn’t love swag?

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Microsoft SQL Server Cluster Backup and Restore using Pure Storage and Catalogic ECX Posted on Sep 4th, 2019 by Nathan Oyama

Learn how Catalogic ECX can help you to protect your Microsoft SQL Server™ databases with ease and follow along as we walk you through a step-by-step procedure for restoring Microsoft SQL Server databases in a different location using ECX.

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Finding the Needle.txt in the NetApp Haystack Posted on Aug 19th, 2019 by Brian Sietsma

Recovering lost files in a NetApp file environment. Sounds easy enough, but for IT Admins, this common request could lead to major headaches and hours of lost time. The struggle is over. This blog will explain how you can use RestoreManager to easily locate and recover files on NetApp storage copies.

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IT automation with Catalogic ECX, vRealize Orchestrator, Pure Storage and NetApp Posted on Aug 14th, 2019 by Martin Phan

IT automation is increasingly adopted as a means of rapidly scaling IT operations. This blog discusses in detail how Catalogic ECX is helping organizations drive automation of platform delivery. One example is ECX automated deployment of Oracle databases on Pure Storage via help desk ticketing. The other shows how an organization is using ECX and vRealize Orchestrator to deploy and manage over 14,000 VMs on NetApp storage.

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How and Why vProtect Displaced Bacula for Protecting Red Hat Virtualization / oVirt Posted on Aug 5th, 2019 by Brian Sietsma

Learn how a major technology company moved away from VMware to oVirt to reduce costs, and then switched from Bacula to vProtect for a better data protection solution. vProtect cut backup times in half and offered a much easier to use interface.

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Are You Paying Enough Attention to Data Security When You’re in a Hotel? Posted on Jul 22nd, 2019 by Peter Eicher

Planning your next trip? Don't overlook data security. Credit cards, trade secrets, and other valuable data pass through hotels everyday making them prime targets for hackers!

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Latest vProtect Release Adds OpenStack support, Updates for RHV/oVirt and Oracle VMs, plus more! Posted on Jul 11th, 2019 by Peter Eicher

The latest update of vProtect brings new features to the Nebula release, first announced in April of this year. The new code drop, v 3.8.1, is available immediately and has a lot of nice additions including support for OpenStack, updates for RHV/oVirt and Oracle VMs, and more.

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Yeah, You Probably Should Do Something to Protect Your Organization from Ransomware Posted on Jul 8th, 2019 by Peter Eicher

Another day, another ransomware attack. It was recently reported that the city council in Riviera Beach, Florida, “voted to pay nearly $600,000 to hackers who crippled the city’s computer systems with a ransomware attack.” This sets a new record for publicly revealed payments by a government organization. And it does seem that government organizations get hit a lot, or maybe it’s just that they’re required by law to reveal it.

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Did we move too far away from tape for backup? Posted on Jun 10th, 2019 by Peter Eicher

For the oldsters like me who’ve been around the backup world for a long time, we remember when tape was the only game in town. I even remember flash-in-the-pan technologies like tape RAID, which was an attempt to get backups going faster. There were a lot of good reasons to move backups to disk instead of tape: faster backup and restore, direct access vs. linear access to files, and you can do fancy stuff like spin up full system recoveries right from the backup repository (Catalogic invented that, by the way!). The move to disk was so strong that many organizations ended up getting rid of tape altogether. But have we gone too far in the disk direction?

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New vProtect Release Adds EC2 support, Loads of Proxmox Updates, and More Goodies Posted on Apr 30th, 2019 by Peter Eicher

The developers at Storware never rest on their laurels. The latest release of vProtect – v 3.8, code named Nebula -- comes chock-full of cool new features and updates...

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Meet our New Technology Partner, ProLion Posted on Mar 12th, 2019 by Peter Eicher

Today Catalogic announced that we’ve entered a strategic partnership with ProLion, an Austrian software company specializing in tools for NetApp environments. This is a perfect fit for us, considering Catalogic’s long (over 20 year) history of working with NetApp technology and NetApp partners.

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