Ryan Kaw Q&A Posted on May 20th, 2020 by Catalogic Team

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Tell me about yourself, what is your role and how long have you been working at Catalogic?

My name is Ryan Kaw and I am the sales leader at Catalogic Software. I have been here for over ten years and run global sales for our backup and recovery products. Prior to taking on this position, I worked in different positions from Support, Professional Services and Pre-Sales engineering. My daily responsibilities include driving sales, renewals, and providing solutions for our current and potential clients. In addition, I’ve been managing relationships with our partners such as VARs, IBM, NetApp, Pure, Storware and ProLion.

What drew you to Catalogic originally? And how has Catalogic changed since?

I was working for a competitor when a recruiter approached me about a new opportunity. Even though Catalogic was a smaller company, it was appealing to hear that I would be able to take on more responsibility and expand my skillset, rather than focusing my expertise in one area. Also, I wanted to move to NYC at the time and Catalogic’s office was an easy commute into New Jersey.

The company has gone through a lot of changes since I have been here (management to products); however, the core values have never changed. You are always surrounded by talented, hardworking individuals who are continuously solving customer challenges.

How have you grown professionally at Catalogic?

I have grown a lot in the ten plus years that I’ve been working here. I don’t think I could have imagined running Sales when I first started as a Support Engineer. I have been fortunate to have some great bosses who believed in me to take on new challenges. This allowed me to shift into various roles like Professional Services and Sales Engineering, where I learned a lot about architecting, selling, and building relationships with our clients.

What has been your favorite part of working at Catalogic?

It has always been about the people. A ton of smart and creative folks always striving to better solve the tough challenges on a daily basis. I think that’s been a huge motivator for me along with the ability to grow with the company.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

What is your hidden talent?

I would say cooking. With the quarantine going on, it has given me a chance to cook more and expand my horizons.

What do you like to do in your free time?

During my free time, I enjoy working out, watching basketball, and hanging out with friends. That includes traveling, checking out restaurants or the best places to grab a drink.