Enabling Effective Data Management in Your Organization Posted on Aug 28th, 2020 by William Bush

Backup is dead.  It’s  a brash statement we see and hear quite frequently in this day and age.   Let me be clear  Backup  isn’t  dead.  It’s  a necessity and a  functional process  that every organization should  run to ensure they can recover  data when needed.  

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CryptoSpike – The NetApp Solution for Ransomware Posted on Jun 12th, 2020 by William Bush

In this current day and age we struggle to go 24 hours without a ransomware attack hitting the headlines. What can you do to prevent an attack? CryptoSpike – The NetApp Solution for Ransomware.

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Snapshots Are a Feature, Not a Solution – Part Two Posted on Apr 22nd, 2020 by William Bush

For Part 2 of the "Snapshots Are a Feature, Not A Solution" series, William Bush discusses how CrypoSpike can be used to efficiently and effectively recover your data in the event of a ransomware attack. 

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