Our New Epic Support is Epic! Posted on May 11th, 2017 by Sathya Sankaran

Catalogic ECX, with its latest version 2.6, has added support for Caché database instances with native integration on top of the support it already offered for SQL Server and Oracle. Unlike several established vendors such as EMC, NetApp and Commvault, we have integrated specifically with the Caché APIs, subsequently avoiding the need for pre-scripts/post-scripts for snapshotting as well as for recovery mounts. Coupling this with the “in-place” copy data management benefits of Catalogic across multiple storage platforms, this is now truly an industry leading feature set for protecting and recovering Epic and Caché environments.

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It’s like Uber for your Data Copies: New ECX 2.6 Release Posted on Apr 19th, 2017 by Peter Eicher

Your storage, application and data infrastructures already exist; what’s needed is the ability to deliver copy services on top of the infrastructure. And this is precisely what Catalogic’s in-place approach to copy data management delivers. 

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Manage the Database Madness with Pure Storage and Catalogic Posted on Jan 20th, 2017 by Peter Eicher

Are your databases driving you crazy? You’re not alone. Many IT organizations are suffering the same pains around creating and distributing copies of databases to data-hungry consumers. If you’re involved with your organization’s IT infrastructure, you probably know the people I’m talking about...

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