IDC Guest Post:Tame the Copy Data Beast Now! Posted on Jan 4th, 2016 by Phil Goodwin

About the Author: Phil Goodwin is a Research Director within IDC’s Storage Systems and Software research practice. He provides detailed insight and analysis on evolving industry trends, vendor performance, and the impact of new technology adoption. Mr. Goodwin is responsible for producing and delivering timely, in-depth market research with a specific focus on Data Protection, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, and Data Availability. Mr. Goodwin takes a holistic view of these markets, and covers risk analysis, service level requirements and cost/benefit calculations in his research.

Consider the role of copy data today. Companies make copies of data for disaster recovery, backup, archiving and compliance, development and testing, analytics, reporting, DevOps, and more. Interestingly, despite the similarities in the processes for creating and using these data copies, many different roles in the organization are making copies: database administrators (DBAs), quality assurance (QA) teams, virtual machine (VM) administrators, business analysts, and of course, storage and backup administrators.

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5 Steps to Reduce Your Company’s Copy Data Posted on Jul 13th, 2015 by Joe E Data

Not very long ago, Catalogic and International Data Corporation (IDC) co-hosted a webinar about the importance of copy data management (CDM). Topics of the webinar on CDM included:

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