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KubeDR is built to provide simple and automated backup and disaster recovery for Kubernetes cluster configuration, certificates and metadata. This combination of etcd data and certificates allows you to rebuild the cluster with confidence without having to label all the resources that need to be captured. We want to mark our entry into Kubernetes world by open sourcing this solution and giving back to the Kubernetes community we often benefit from. Feedback and collaboration is welcome.

Backup everything in etcd:

  • Other options put you through a game of laser tag with your containers
  • Untagged Resources are neglected and rarely captured by current solutions
  • KubeDR includes ALL resources in one go!
  • KubeDR also includes Certificates

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cLabs Blog

KubeDR Going Strong – Enhanced with New Features

It has been slightly more than a month since Catalogic released KubeDR. Since then, we have been busy adding features...

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KubeDR - Disaster Recovery for Kubernetes Clusters

KubeDR allows you to back up not only etcd data but certificates as well. The combination of etcd data and...

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The Story Behind KubeDR

At Catalogic, we started playing with Containers several years ago. We were one of the first backup vendors to containerize...

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