We Understand Novell

Catalogic has provided industry leading protection and recovery for Novell products since 1997, pioneering many protection features such as Open Enterprise Server (OES) cluster support and deep GroupWise integration. Unlike many other vendors, we’ve never backed off on our commitment to the Novell family of products, even as they have shifted to Micro Focus.

Our data protection and recovery solution is fully up to date with current releases of Open Enterprise Server 2018 and Micro Focus GroupWise 18.

Benefits of Catalogic DPX

  • Decades of experience with Novell OES and GroupWise
  • Intelligent cluster support for Open Enterprise Server
  • Restore files with full security and metadata information
  • GroupWise aware data protection with multi-level recovery (system, mailbox, user, etc.)
  • Instant recovery for OES systems running on VMware
  • Supports backup to tape and tape robotics
  • Supports tape drives connected directly to OES servers
  • Works in conjunction with data protection for Windows, Linux and Unix systems
  • Supports the latest versions of Micro Focus OES and Micro Focus GroupWise

DPX Screen Capture

llustration 1. In this DPX screen capture, the virtual node is labeled as “cluster.” The item “V1” represents the shared resource. Objects oes-lx-c1, oes lx-c2, and oes-lx-c2 are the server nodes in the cluster.

Protecting Open Enterprise Server

Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server 2018 delivers reliable and flexible file, print, and networking services to your users across multiple platforms. As such, it is a critical part of your IT infrastructure, and if services go off-line your users are out of commission.

Catalogic DPX provides intelligent data protection for Micro Focus OES, which begins with being cluster aware. DPX uses a virtual node concept which represents all individual server nodes in the cluster as a single entity. This ensures that data is not backed up twice (from two different nodes in the cluster), and if a cluster node fails during backup of a shared resource, DPX continues to execute the backup by switching the task through the failover node. (See Illustration 1 for a depiction of a virtual node.) DPX can also “follow” a volume if it moves between server nodes. This ensures that critical infrastructure information is always protected. DPX supports both active-active and active-passive clusters.

Restore is also simplified. The user needs only to select the virtual node object and DPX will restore to the correct volume. The operator doesn’t need to know the source of the data, or which node performed the backup. This avoids confusion and ensures a quicker, trouble-free recovery process.

DPX provides support for full, incremental and differential file backups. Backups can be targeted at the volume, directory or individual file level. Files can be restored with security and metadata intact. DPX supports both Novell Open Enterprise Server and Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server 2018.

Virtualized Novell Systems

When Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server is virtualized, Catalogic can leverage the VMware VADP backup method to provide low-impact protection. This also provides multiple restore options, including instantly recovering a VM from a backup image, or restoring the VMDK file. Restores can occur without the need to move data, running off the backup image. Full data restores are also possible.

Protecting Micro Focus GroupWise

Communication is the core of any organization, and Micro Focus GroupWise 18 users rely on the robust email, calendaring, and task management features of GroupWise every single day. GroupWise downtime must be kept to a minimum. But even the best run IT organization can face unseen disasters. At such moments, it becomes time-critical to restore GroupWise as quickly as possible.

This is why Catalogic DPX delivers the most robust and flexible Micro Focus GroupWise recovery options. By fitting the recovery to the disaster, DPX optimizes recovery time and restores only what’s needed to bring back services.

There are five key recovery scenarios in a GroupWise environment.

Recovery Scenario 1: Disaster Recovery

This is the most severe scenario, when all GroupWise Domain information is lost, possibly due to a massive hardware failure or environmental issue. DPX can restore the complete system.

Recovery Scenario 2: Single Server Lost

In a multi-server GroupWise Domain, a single server may fail and need to be rebuilt. DPX can quickly recover the lost server and return it to the Domain.

Recovery Scenario 3: Post Office Lost

When database maintenance tools are not sufficient to overcome Post Office corruption, it becomes necessary to restore the data. DPX provides targeted Post Office recovery that gets users back online quickly.

Recovery Scenario 4: Individual Messages Lost

It seems that no matter what tools are available, users still find a way to permanently delete emails! When that happens, DPX can recover messages to a Restore Area, returning lost items to the end user.

Recovery Scenario 5: User Account Lost

Just as emails get deleted, sometimes user accounts get lost. DPX will allow you to recover both the user account and the associated GroupWise items.

In addition to these scenarios, DPX also supports backup of Binary Large Objects (blobs) and recovery to the original location or an alternate location.

No matter what kind of disaster happens, Catalogic DPX is your go-to solution for restoring GroupWise services.

High Performance Data Protection

Catalogic DPX supports both backup to disk and backup to tape. SAN-connected tape libraries can be dynamically shared across multiple OES systems, as well as Windows, Linux and Unix servers. OES servers can be used as device servers connected to tape libraries.

Tape backup performance is enhanced by parallel backup functionality that allows multiple volumes to stream to multiple tape drives. Device spanning also allows drive switching automatically when a tape is filled. Intelligent device selection prioritizes SAN data paths, limiting data going over the LAN.

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