Migrating OSSV to ONTAP 8 and 9

NetApp users have long relied on NetApp OSSV agents to protect data not resident on NetApp storage or in remote sites. However, OSSV does not support disk targets running Data ONTAP 8 and 9, and it doesn’t support more recent operating system updates. As a replacement for OSSV functionality, Catalogic DPX provides agents that provide OSSV-like features in an ONTAP 8 or 9 environment and maintain support for current versions of Windows and Linux. Catalogic agents are easy to implement and add significant additional capabilities for data backup and restore.


Catalogic DPX—Modernized D2D Backup

Catalogic DPX provides a simple replacement solution for OSSV functionality. With DPX, users get low impact, application-consistent and high performance block level backups from any storage environment to NetApp FAS arrays running either 7-mode or CDOT ONTAP 8 and 9. One agent solution for both target environments.

Key Benefits of Catalogic DPX

Efficient and Flexible Data Protection:

  • True Block Level Incremental (BLI) solution
  • Reduces backup time from hours to minutes through zero impact "changed block tracking"
  • Reduces backup impact and network traffic by 90% or more
  • Supports block, file, agentless modes of backup, and NDMP cluster aware backups
  • Supports physical and virtual servers, disk and tape

Superior Recovery Capabilities:

  • Restore files, volumes, applications and entire servers in minutes with NetApp FlexClone™
  • Performs P2V, V2V, V2P, P2P conversions
  • Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) capability to dissimilar hardware
  • Instantly Virtualize servers into VMs with integrated background vMotion.
  • Support all recoveries from both primary and SnapMirror destinations

Advanced Application and Storage Integration:

  • Supports major Microsoft enterprise applications with application consistent snapshots
  • Supports granular object recovery for Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint
  • NDMP Backup-to-Cloud capabilities via NetApp AltaVault integration
  • Heterogeneous disk-to-disk (D2D) backup, from any source disk to NetApp FAS target

The DPX Approach

Catalogic DPX uses low impact, application-consistent and high performance block level backups. The DPX approach delivers robust data protection with more than 99% backup success rates, driving down management costs, ensuring SLAs, and delivering peace of mind to the IT team responsible for data protection.

A key design concept of DPX is that all data should be moved once and once only. Conventional backup methods copy the same data many times over, creating a significant amount of strain on IT infrastructure and wasting storage resources.

Reading data once reduces backup impact by 90% or more. DPX does one full, initial base backup. After that, only new or changed data blocks are copied. By monitoring data changes at the block level instead of the file-level, DPX can handle very large database files or millions of small files equally well. Another benefit is that backups complete much faster – from hours to minutes. With DPX, you can easily back up critical applications every hour, giving you a much better RPO.

Application-level integration ensures data integrity and enables immediate recovery. Any of your recovery points can be used to recover at the granular level (such as Exchange emails or SharePoint files), the application level, or the entire server level.

Snapshot-Based, Rapid Recovery

Catalogic DPX stores backups as usable snapshots and collapses the recovery window by providing instant recovery-in-place. Lost files are easy to find and restore because snapshots are cataloged and searchable.

Snapshots can be instantly mapped to recover lost volumes with only two mouse clicks. Entire failed systems can be recovered in minutes as VMs through Catalogic’s patented Instant Virtualization™ technology or restored to new physical systems using Bare Metal Recovery. You can even restore to dissimilar hardware. All of DPX recoveries can be performed from both the primary backup target volume as well as SnapMirror destination volumes if backups are replicated to another array.

DPX also supports data deduplication and disk-based compression to maximize storage efficiencies.

Integrated Disaster Recovery and Migration to Tape and Cloud

Because Catalogic DPX can protect physical and virtual servers in any primary storage environment, it can consolidate backup and disaster recovery into a single solution, replacing multiple point products. DPX can lower DR site hardware costs by leveraging Instant Virtualization with zero-footprint virtual volumes. Both physical and virtual servers can be recovered rapidly as VMs, allowing you to eliminate physical servers for DR. Physical server recovery is also supported if preferred.

DPX is fully tape-aware and can move or migrate data to tape for long term archiving or to meet compliance demands. Unified management across disk and tape also reduces administrative overhead. Similarly, cloud-based archiving is supported via NetApp AltaVault technology or natively.


Catalogic DPX is built on the same OSSV protocol with enhanced support for NFS-based data transfer that are mandated by the NOSB APIs. For NetApp OSSV users, Catalogic DPX offers a seamless, low-risk data protection option during the move to Data ONTAP 8 and 9, while providing many additional benefits that include enhanced application integration, multi-purpose recoveries, and advanced cluster aware tape integration.

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