Catalogic offers an array of software products and services, and we strive to provide pricing that is fair, affordable and makes sense based on the product. Our licensing models are designed to fit easily with how your organization budgets for IT products, and to be clear and understandable, with no hidden costs or confusing terms.

We’ve outlined our licensing models for each solution below.

DPX Licensing

  • DPX licensing is capacity-based, sold per TB of data to be backed up (source-side data).
  • DPX can also be licensed per-socket in a VMware-only environment.
  • DPX has additional third-party components for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint item level recovery. These are licensed separately.
  • Subscription-based licensing is available on a case-by-case basis.

vProtect Licensing

  • Standard vProtect licensing is based on sockets.
  • Licensing per-VM is also available when needed for direct comparison with other solutions.

ECX Licensing

  • ECX is licensed per storage array, tiered to the specific model (e.g. Pure FlashArray //M50 or NetApp AFF A300).
  • No additional costs for adding storage capacity, number of VMs, number of databases, etc.

NetApp Tools Licensing

  • NetApp tools are licensed per NetApp controller, with pricing tiered according to the NetApp model number.
  • There are no capacity limitations in terms of number of users, total storage capacity or number of files.
  • The above applies to both CryptoSpike and RestoreManager.

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