Are Your NetApp Filers a Corporate Junk Drawer?

Face it: your filers are probably a mess. Do you really know what’s on them? How can you when there are millions, or maybe billions, of files in your organization.

It’s impossible to handle file data manually. Odds are good that you’re wasting a lot of disk space, backup space, archive space, and so forth, and adding risk to your compliance and data governance policies.

DataAnalyzer is the Easy Answer

DataAnalyzer, from ProLion, is a simple to use tool that will analyze your NetApp filer data and return easy-to-read reports that will provide you the insight and understanding you need to start cleaning house and ensuring you’re complying with corporate policy.

Among the many insights available from DataAnalyzer, you will learn:

  • The number of files and total storage space used by files based on their type (e.g. Office files, email, images, etc.)
  • The age of your file data, which can also be grouped by type
  • How to identify unused or under-used storage and VMDKs
  • How to identify stale files that haven’t been accessed over a defined period

Armed with these insights, you can take targeted action to clean up your file environment. We’ve seen users recover as much as 80% of their storage space. That’s serious savings!

You can also clear out old files that may be creating a compliance hazard. You’ll be a hero to your legal department.

And since DataAnalyzer work with Active Directory, it can also identify file owners (users, departments), so you can target storage abusers or provide clear charge-back reporting. There is also a search function that allows you to identify specific files or groups of files.

Take a look at some of the reports.

Easy Charge Back Reporting and Trending Data

DataAnalyzer makes charge-back easy because you can see exactly how much file storage is being consumed by users and groups.

Trend analysis is also included. Based on historical storage growth, DataAnalyzer can provide predictions of future storage consumption, allowing you to plan ahead for storage upgrades and expansion. Though you’ll be saving so much space you might be able to put that off for a long time!

How it Works

DataAnalyzer runs on a separate server or virtual machine. It collects meta-data across your NetApp environment (7-mode or Clustered Data ONTAP) and stores it in a database such as MS SQL, Oracle or mySQL (your choice). Finished reports are visualized using Microsoft Excel, a familiar tool that allows you to manipulate data as needed. Repots can also be displayed in PowerPoint or Tableau Viewer, so information can be readily shared.

DataAnalyzer is a high-performance solution that lets you analyze as many as 10 million files per hour, per volume. You can also analyze multiple volumes in parallel to further speed the process. A full scan is only required upon first installing the software.

Sample Reports

DataAnalyzer provides numerous pre-configured reports, and customized reports can also be created. Following is a sampling of available reports.

NetApp Overview Report

The Overview report shows your full NetApp file landscape at a glance. You can see a high-level view of all hosts, nodes and Storage Virtual Machines. The report displays number of files, used and available storage space, as well as deduplication and compression storage savings.

File Data Age Report

See at a glance how much storage space is consumed by older files, and what kinds of files they are. This report lets you target out-of-date files for deletion or migration to other storage media (e.g. move data to tape or cloud for long-term retention).

Unused LUNs and VMDKs Report

Reclaim storage space by identifying LUNs that are under-utilized and/or haven’t been accessed in a long time. Often volumes are created for a project and then after project completion they are forgotten and sit idle for months or even years. A similar dynamic exists for virtual machines, and DataAnalyzer also helps you identify VMDK files that haven’t been accessed and may be eligible for deletion or migration.

Users/Groups Report

Working with Active Directory, DataAnalyzer displays how much space is being consumed by users and groups. This allows you to identify potential “bad citizens” who are abusing storage resources, serve as a basis for charge-back, and locate stale data.

Data Trend Analysis Report

Based off past activity, this report predicts storage trends into the future, allowing you to pre-plan for necessary storage expansion and/or take steps to delete or migrate files. Calculations can be performed per application, users or groups, or by overall disk consumption.

How to Purchase DataAnalyzer

DataAnalyzer is licensed per NetApp controller, with pricing tiered according to the NetApp model number. There are no capacity limitations in terms of total storage or number of files, making DataAnalyzer licensing very easy to manage.

Please contact us for a price quote.