ESG Lab Review: End-to-End Copy Data Management  with ECX from Catalogic

What does good copy data management look like? According to ESG, it starts with seamless integration into existing IT infrastructure rather than a requirement to create yet another copy of data. This allows organizations to truly modernize their IT infrastructure and application-focused processes. 

DPX | Solution Sheets | Apr 2017

Catalogic DPX: Data Protection and Recovery for Micro Focus/Novell

Catalogic has provided industry leading protection and recovery for Novell products since 1997, pioneering many protection features such as Open Enterprise Server (OES) cluster-support and deep GroupWise integration. Unlike many other vendors, we’ve never backed off on our commitment to the Novell family of products, even as they have shifted to Micro Focus. Our data protection and recovery solution is fully up to date with current releases of Open Enterprise Server 2015 and Micro Focus GroupWise 2014.

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ECX | Videos & Webcasts | Apr 2017

Introducing the New Catalogic Knowledge Base in 15 Minutes

Catalogic has launched a new, more intuitive Knowledge Base (KB) to help our customers with support self-service. The new KB features better natural language searching, improved subject filters, the ability to open cases with a single click, feedback options and more. Join our 15-minute Coffee Talk webinar to learn how the new KB can help you, and to see a live demonstration and walk-through.

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ECX | Data Sheet | Apr 2017

What’s New in Catalogic ECX 2.6

This document provides a comprehensive list of all new features in Catalogic ECX v 2.6. This release features new application support, including support for InterSystems Caché and Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR), SAP HANA, and SQL Server on physical systems. Additional enhancements are included for Oracle support, security, user interface improvements and many more. New features are organized into categories along with functionality and benefit descriptions. All ECX users under current maintenance have access to the latest software.

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ECX | Solution Sheets | Apr 2017

Catalogic ECX: Snapshot and Replication Automation for Pure Storage FlashArray//M and FlashArray//X

Catalogic ECX in-place copy data management for Pure Storage simplifies and automates operation of your Pure Storage FlashArray infrastructure through comprehensive management of Pure Storage FlashRecover snapshots and replication. By providing an application- and VM-aware copy management software layer, ECX reduces copy sprawl, simplifies data protection and disaster recovery, and delivers value-adding use cases such as automated infrastructure deployment for Dev-Test or DevOps.

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ECX | Newsletters | Mar 2017

We’re Full of New Ideas!

At Catalogic, we not only innovate with our technology, we're also providing innovative ways to deliver information to our users and partners. We recently delivered exciting new features for our flagship DPX data protection software. We're also innovating with our partners, delivering new white papers in conjunction with Pure Storage. Details for all this innovation follow below. 

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DPX | Videos & Webcasts | Mar 2017

Using Amazon Web Services as a Backup Destination for Catalogic DPX

This 15 minute webinar demonstrates how to configure Catalogic DPX to use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage Gateway as a destination for DPX backups and archives. Viewers will learn how simple it is to expand DPX protection into the cloud. In addition, the use of the AWS Virtual Tape Library will also be demonstrated. The VTL option is an excellent choice for long-term data storage in the cloud.

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ECX | Data Sheet | Database | Mar 2017

Copy Data Management for SQL Server Databases

Copy Data Management is fast-becoming a must-have solution for any enterprise SQL Server environment. Catalogic ECX integrates storage array copy processes (snapshots, replication, clones) with SQL Server databases, allowing users to leverage their existing storage infrastructure to provide critical IT services such as protection and disaster recovery, SQL Server database dev-test, reporting, etc. With ECX, you can quickly and easily deliver fresh copies of data to those functions and business units that demand them.

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ECX | Videos & Webcasts | Mar 2017

Protecting VMware with Pure Storage FlashArray Snapshots

This three minute demo video shows how easily you can create machine consistent storage snapshots of VMware using Pure Storage FlashArray snapshot technology. Catalogic provides the integration and management needed to protect the VMs and catalog where and when the copies were made for easy recovery when required.

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ECX | Videos & Webcasts | Mar 2017

Automated VMware Disaster Recovery using Pure Storage FlashArray Snapshots

This five minute demo video shows how easily you can create and run automated, non-disruptive disaster recovery testing using Catalogic ECX and Pure Storage FlashRecover snapshots. By following a one-time simple wizard setup, DR tests will run automatically based on set schedules. Easy recovery can also be used to deliver a complete VMware infrastructure for dev-test, DevOps, reporting, analytics, or any other business purpose requiring rapid and secure access to virtual machines.

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ECX | Data Sheet | Mar 2017

ECX Data Sheet

Catalogic® ECX™: Data Center Modernization with In-Place Copy Data Management. Catalog. Automate. Transform. 

In conjunction with multiple enterprise storage arrays, Catalogic ECX provides in-place copy data management that modernizes IT processes, enables key use cases, and does it all with existing infrastructure.

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