DPX Product Spotlight: A Better Backup Solution

Catalogic DPX is an industry standard data protection solution that focuses on the most important aspects of data backup and recovery: Easy administration, world class reliability, fast backup and recovery with minimal system impact and a first-class support team.

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Kodo | Videos & Webcasts | Oct 2018

KODO in Two Minutes

KODO is modern data protection and file sharing for the on-the-go organization. KODO protects data created and stored on end-user endpoints, including Windows and Mac laptops, and phones and tablets based on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It also allows you to create internal file-sharing systems that let your users collaborate without going outside the IT department. Finally, KODO also protects data stored in Microsoft Office 365 and Box.

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vProtect | Videos & Webcasts | Oct 2018

Open Hypervisor Backup Demonstration: Get to Know vProtect!

Get to know our latest software solution, vProtect, that provides easy, agentless data protection for the hypervisors that just don’t get enough love from backup vendors. We’re talking about RedHat Virtualization, Citrix XenServer, KVM, Oracle VM, Nutanix Acropolis, ProxMox and more. It’s one of the only solutions available for these platforms, and it’s surprisingly affordable too. Only 15 minutes and includes a live product demonstration.

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DPX | Solution Sheets | Sep 2018

Catalogic DPX: NDMP Backup and Recovery

NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) provides an open standard for network-based backup of network-attached storage (NAS) devices. NDMP is a valuable tool for protecting NAS data, as well as offloading it for long-term storage to disk, tape or cloud. Catalogic helped pioneer NDMP backups and remains a leader in supporting NDMP for multiple vendor NAS systems. With Catalogic DPX, you can have an easy to use and extremely cost effective standalone NDMP solution, or you can deploy DPX as a complete backup solution, with NDMP as a component.

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ECX | Videos & Webcasts | Sep 2018

Database-Aware Snapshots and Clones for NetApp: Automation, Self-Service

This 15-minute webinar shows how Catalogic ECX creates fully application-aware copies of Oracle and SQL Server (virtual and physical) using NetApp ONTAP Snapshot, SnapVault and SnapMirror. This includes database manipulation during restore workflows (e.g. rename database, configure mount points) and user self-service features. VMware protection and recovery workflows are also discussed, along with NDMP and NetApp OSSV.

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DPX | Solution Sheets | Sep 2018

Catalogic Software-Defined Secondary Storage Appliance

The Catalogic software-defined secondary-storage appliance is architected and optimized to work seamlessly with Catalogic’s data protection product DPX, with Catalogic/Storware vProtect, and with future Catalogic products.

Backup nodes are deployed either on a bare metal server or as virtual appliances, allowing users to create a cost-effective yet robust second-tier storage solution that meets their specific price and performance requirements.

The backup repository offers data reduction to maximize storage efficiency, as well as replication to another backup node for redundancy and disaster recovery. Backup data can be archived off to tape for long-term retention. Access to the backup repository software is included in most DPX capacity-based licenses at no additional cost.

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DPX | Data Sheet | Aug 2018

What’s New in Catalogic DPX 4.5.3

This document summarizes the key new features in Catalogic DPX v 4.5.3. Enhancements include tape export for Catalogic vStor, point-in-time recovery for SQL Server, and Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2018 Cluster Support.

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vProtect | Videos & Webcasts | Aug 2018

Agentless Backup and Recovery for All the Other Hypervisors!

Are you among the growing community of users who have decided to move away from the Big Two hypervisors (VMware and Hyper-V) to embrace the freedom and flexibility of the Open Hypervisor world? We're referring to RedHat Virtualization, Citrix XenServer, KVM, Oracle VM, Nutanix Acropolis and more. While these systems offer great features and value, finding easy to use and efficient data protection for them isn't easy: until now!

Catalogic vProtect is a cutting-edge, agentless data protection solution for the Open VM world, and it can operate as a standalone solution or integrate with existing backup solutions like IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM), Veritas NetBackup, Dell EMC NetWorker, and Catalogic DPX. This 15 minute Coffee Talk webinar shows you how you can easily and affordably finally solve your open VM backup challenges.

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ECX | Videos & Webcasts | Aug 2018

Catalogic Software in Three Minutes

Learn about the full range of Catalogic data protection and data management solutions in only three minutes! This video covers ECX copy data management, DPX backup and recovery, vProtect hypervisor backup and KODO end-point protection, file-sharing and SaaS protection software.

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ECX | Videos & Webcasts | Jul 2018

Easy, Push-Button Oracle Database Cloning—in Three Minutes!

Oracle database clones are critical to many business operations, such as test-dev, reporting, analytics and so on. But creating clones can be slow, cumbersome process that requires a lot of expertise. Wouldn't you like to do it all with the push of a button? With Catalogic ECX you can. Watch this three minute video to learn how ECX can help make Oracle clone creation fast and easy, without the need for any scripting.

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vProtect | Videos & Webcasts | Jul 2018

Enterprise-Grade Backup and Recovery For Nutanix AHV

vProtect is a cutting-edge data protection solution for virtual machines running on Nutanix’s virtualization solution AHV.  vProtect can work as a standalone solution, or it can integrate with your existing enterprise backup software.

In this 45 minute webinar, you will learn how vProtect and Nutanix can deliver end-to-end solutions that provide:

  • A complete infrastructure and virtualization solution ready for enterprise applications (Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS with AHV)
  • Efficient, incremental backup of AHV VMs with CBT/CRT (Changed-Region Tracking)
  • Data consistency for your applications running on AHV VMs
  • File level restore from your backups
  • A scalable, multi-node backup architecture

The webinar includes a detailed product demonstration.

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