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DPX | Solution Sheets | August 2016

Catalogic DPX? 4.4 - Using AWS Cloud with DPX

This detailed technical document explains how to connect your Catalogic DPX backups to Amazon Web Services (AWS) by defining an AWS Gateway virtual machine as a DPX destination device.  Step-by-step instructions are provided, including multiple screen captures to guide you through the process. 

Executive Summary

DPX is a Catalogic Data Protection suite which facilitates protection of heterogeneous sources (virtual and physical servers running different Operating System and variety of applications). DPX supports destination servers and devices comprised of tape libraries, standalone tape drives, disk arrays, NetApp filers and more. Diversity of destinations provides to the Catalogic customer community a convenient way to use available resources and to plan protection solutions based on projected data size, data growth, suitable fabric and other internal and external factors. Recently Catalogic has certified and added a cloud to the mixture of possible destinations. Cloud availability facilitates and widens DPX customer use cases and creates a virtually infinite data array for storing and retrieving corporate data.