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DPX | Customer Story | October 2014

Caution: Not all Solutions are Created Equally

Panasonic Europe finds Catalogic DPX solves their recovery challenges

Executive Summary

Changing a backup solution can be a lot like going to the dentist. Until the pain becomes too great, it is easy to avoid dealing with the problems. Once you solve it, you wonder why you waited so long.

Panasonic Europe found themselves in such a situation with a backup design that was simply not stable. Rather than immediately seek a different Enterprise solution, Panasonic Europe first tried to make the best of their situation. As a result, they ended up with a Master Server and backup media at each of their 11 remote locations. Each day, one administrator would remotely connect to each master server, coordinate with an individual on-site to arrange a tape change, and then attempt the backup via the remote session. Due to configuration, software bugs and other technical problems, they often ended up with no backup at all. With error rates above 30%, they had little to no confidence they could restore any files.