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DPX | Data Sheet | NetApp | March 2019

NetApp OSSV Replacement Solution

NetApp users have long relied on NetApp Open Systems SnapVault (OSSV) agents to protect data not resident on NetApp storage or in remote sites. However, OSSV does not support disk targets running Data ONTAP 8 and 9, and the software is no longer being updated. Other functional gaps exist, such as support for Windows 2016 backing up to ONTAP 7-mode. Catalogic provides a simple solution for all of these challenges with a complete replacement solution for OSSV that uses the same architecture: servers are backed up directly to NetApp storage. Catalogic also adds significant additional capabilities for data backup and restore not found in OSSV. See our data sheet for the full story. Also, consult our NetApp Solutions brochure to see all of Catalogic’s NetApp-focused solutions. 

Executive Summary

Catalogic DPX is built on the same OSSV protocol with enhanced support for NFS-based data transfer that are mandated by the NOSB APIs. For NetApp OSSV users, Catalogic DPX offers a seamless, low-risk data protection option during the move to Data ONTAP 8 and 9, while providing many additional benefits that include enhanced application integration, multi-purpose recoveries, and advanced cluster aware tape integration.