NetApp Complete File Solution Spotlight

Catalogic’s NetApp NAS solution delivers snapshot management, file catalog and search, long term archive and file reporting to maximize operational efficiency.



Kodo | Videos & Webcasts | Aug 2019

Easy Office 365 Data Protection with KODO

This 12-minute demo video provides an overview of KODO file sharing, data protection for mobile devices and Office 365 data protection. The demonstration portion focuses on Office 365 and shows a live example of how easy it is to set up KODO and begin protecting user mailboxes, calendars and contacts. An email recovery example is also shown.


Kodo | Videos & Webcasts | Oct 2018

KODO in Two Minutes

KODO is modern data protection and file sharing for the on-the-go organization. KODO protects data created and stored on end-user endpoints, including Windows and Mac laptops, and phones and tablets based on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It also allows you to create internal file-sharing systems that let your users collaborate without going outside the IT department. Finally, KODO also protects data stored in Microsoft Office 365 and Box.


Kodo | Data Sheet | Jun 2018

Data Protection and File Sharing for the Mobile Workforce

Critical organizational data is increasingly created, stored and shared outside the data center. It lives on laptops, tablets, mobile devices and in cloud services. This data is subject to numerous threats: malware, ransomware, hacking, device failure, loss or theft. And, as always, simple human error.

KODO provides a unified solution to all these challenges by offering easy, automated protection of endpoints, along with file sharing and synchronization. It also protects data in cloud-based services such as Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive.