NetApp Complete File Solution Spotlight

Catalogic’s NetApp NAS solution delivers snapshot management, file catalog and search, long term archive and file reporting to maximize operational efficiency.



NetApp Tools | Solution Sheets | Oct 2019

Catalogic Software Solutions for NetApp Storage

Catalogic has been supporting NetApp environments for over 20 years with data protection and data management solutions. This document provides a summary of all our NetApp focused solutions, including solutions for ransomware, file search and indexing, snapshot and replication management, dev-test and DevOps automation, data backup, NDMP backup, OSSV replacement and AltaVault appliance replacement.


ECX | Solution Sheets | Aug 2019

Catalogic ECX: Snapshot and Replication Automation for Pure Storage FlashArray//X, FlashArray//C and FlashArray//M

Catalogic ECX snapshot and replication management for Pure Storage simplifies and automates operation of your Pure Storage FlashArray infrastructure through comprehensive management of Pure Storage FlashRecover snapshots, replication and clones. By providing an application- and VM-aware copy management software layer, ECX reduces copy sprawl, simplifies data protection and disaster recovery, and delivers value-adding use cases such as automated infrastructure deployment for Dev-Test or DevOps. ECX supports VMware infrastructure as well as key enterprise databases on both physical and virtual servers: Oracle, SQL Server, InterSystems Caché and SAP HANA. No scripting is required.


DPX | Solution Sheets | Jun 2019

Catalogic DPX: Data Protection and Recovery for Micro Focus/Novell

Catalogic has provided industry leading protection and recovery for Novell products since 1997, pioneering many protection features such as Open Enterprise Server (OES) cluster-support and deep GroupWise integration. Unlike many other vendors, we’ve never backed off on our commitment to the Novell family of products, even as they have shifted to Micro Focus. Our data protection and recovery solution is fully up to date with current releases of Open Enterprise Server 2018 and Micro Focus GroupWise 18.


DPX | Solution Sheets | May 2019

10 Reasons to Choose Catalogic DPX

There are numerous data backup and recovery solutions on the market, so why should you consider Catalogic DPX? Here are ten things about DPX for you to consider when thinking about your next backup solution.


DPX | Solution Sheets | Jan 2019

NetApp Archive to Disk, Cloud and Tape

Data retention requirements are making long-term data archive nearly as critical as short-term restore needs. But many organizations are either inadequately archiving data, or paying far more than they should to get the job done.

Catalogic DPX provides a cost-effective solution for long-term data archiving in NetApp storage environments. DPX archives data to disk, tape, and/or cloud in any combination, allowing organizations to grow and change based on their requirements, while also minimizing costs. DPX gives you investment protection while meeting your compliance needs for long-term data retention.


DPX | Solution Sheets | Sep 2018

Catalogic DPX: NDMP Backup and Recovery

NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) provides an open standard for network-based backup of network-attached storage (NAS) devices such as those from NetApp and DellEMC Isilon. NDMP is a valuable tool for protecting NAS data, as well as offloading it for long-term storage to disk, tape or cloud. Catalogic helped pioneer NDMP backups and remains a leader in supporting NDMP for multiple vendor NAS systems. With Catalogic DPX, you can have an easy to use and extremely cost effective standalone NDMP solution, or you can deploy DPX as a complete backup solution, with NDMP as a component. For more information on Catalogic DPX, watch our three-minute explainer video or visit the DPX product page.


DPX | Solution Sheets | Sep 2018

Catalogic Software-Defined Secondary Storage Appliance

The Catalogic software-defined secondary-storage appliance is architected and optimized to work seamlessly with Catalogic’s data protection product DPX, with Catalogic/Storware vProtect, and with future Catalogic products.

Backup nodes are deployed either on a bare metal server or as virtual appliances, allowing users to create a cost-effective yet robust second-tier storage solution that meets their specific price and performance requirements.

The backup repository offers data reduction to maximize storage efficiency, as well as replication to another backup node for redundancy and disaster recovery. Backup data can be archived off to tape for long-term retention. Access to the backup repository software is included in most DPX capacity-based licenses at no additional cost.


ECX | Solution Sheets | May 2018

Pure Storage, Catalogic Software and Copy Data Appliances

Pure Storage partners with many organizations that fall under the heading of “data protection” or “copy data management.”  These include Catalogic Software as well as vendors such as Rubrik, Cohesity, Actifio, Commvault, Veeam, etc.  Because they fall into the same categories, there is a misconception that Catalogic competes with these other vendors. This is not the case as Catalogic is a fundamentally different kind of solution. This document explains the differences and shows why Catalogic is not competitive to Rubrik, etc., but a complementary solution. 


DPX | Solution Sheets | Aug 2017

Using Catalogic DPX with Microsoft Azure Cloud

This detailed technical document explains how to connect your Catalogic DPX backups to the Microsoft Azure cloud by defining Azure as a DPX destination device. Step-by-step instructions are provided, including multiple screen captures to guide you through the process.


ECX | Solution Sheets | May 2017

Copy Data Management for InterSystems Caché

Copy Data Management is fast becoming a must-have solution for any Epic EHR environment. Catalogic ECX provides native application aware integration with InterSystems Caché and Clarity databases (SQL), VMs and file systems to automate the creation and use of Caché database copies — snapshots, clones and replicas – on your existing enterprise storage infrastructure. This allows you to meet Epic protection and recovery requirements as well as provide quick, easy and secure access to clones or full copies for development, testing, release, MDR, SUP, Build and training environments. ECX supports Caché on Red Hat Linux (virtual and physical) and AIX.


ECX | Solution Sheets | Jan 2017

Why In-Place Copy Data Management is The Better Choice

Not all Copy Data Management solutions are the same. There is a fundamental difference in product architecture that has a significant effect on total operational cost and product effectiveness. This solution sheet examines the design differences between the Out-of-Band copy data management model, which typically involves deploying new appliances, and the In-Place model, which makes use of your existing storage resources. 


DPX | Solution Sheets | Aug 2016

Catalogic DPX? 4.4 - Using AWS Cloud with DPX

This detailed technical document explains how to connect your Catalogic DPX backups to Amazon Web Services (AWS) by defining an AWS Gateway virtual machine as a DPX destination device.  Step-by-step instructions are provided, including multiple screen captures to guide you through the process. 


ECX | Solution Sheets | Apr 2016

Catalogic ECX and IBM V9000 All Flash Array

Solution overview whitepaper describing the benefits of using Catalogic's ECX CDM platform to manage and orchestrate data leveraging IBM V9000 All Flash storage arrays. 


ECX | Solution Sheets | Mar 2016

DevOps Ready Infrastructure

DevOps is a movement in IT focused on fostering better communications and processes across operations and development teams, with the primary goal of faster, more agile software delivery. Infrastructure management is a fundamental building block for any organization striving to achieve a DevOps method. Catalogic Software’s ECX delivers a management platform that makes DevOps possible using existing enterprise storage.


DPX | Solution Sheets | Oct 2014

Catalogic DPX for Microsoft Exchange

Information Assurance Solution for the Enterprise


DPX | Database | Solution Sheets | Oct 2014

Protect Oracle Databases with Catalogic DPX

Catalogic DPX delivers the fastest recovery time and recovery point objectives, and dramatically simplifies operations while providing instant test, development and analytic environments.