Catalogic Delivers Snapshot and Replication Management for EMC Unity and VNXe Storage

EMC Storage LogoCatalogic ECX integrated copy data management (CDM) for EMC simplifies and automates operation of your EMC Unity and VNXe storage infrastructure through comprehensive management of EMC snapshots and replication, both in the data center and in the cloud.

In addition to automating common IT operations such as data protection, disaster recovery and test/dev infrastructure deployments, ECX opens the doors to the modern data center with capabilities such as user self-service, Hybrid Cloud and DevOps.  ECX is an application- and VM-aware, template-based solution that scales easily, reduces operational errors and eliminates the need for scripting. 

Design Matters: Why In-Place Copy Data Management is the Right Choice

Industry watchers all agree that Copy Data Management is becoming must-have technology. But not all solutions are the same. Design matters! This webinar will discuss the two major copy data solution designs, how they are different, and key use cases for both designs. Before you make any buying decisions, you’ll want to understand these differences which will impact the success of your product roll out.

15 minutes

Catalogic and EMC Storage

Catalogic works with the full line of EMC Unity storage, including Unity All-Flash and Unity Hybrid Flash, whether in your data center on physical Unity systems or virtualized in the cloud via Unity VSA. Catalogic supports the full Unity line: Unity 300, Unity 350F, Unity 400, Unity 450F, Unity 500, Unity 550F, Unity 600 and Unity 650F.

In addition to Unity, Catalogic copy data management also supports the EMC VNXe storage line, including VNXe1600 SAN storage, VNXe3200 Hybrid Storage, and VNXe3200 Unified All-Flash Storage.  

Catalogic and EMC All-Flash Storage

EMC All-Flash storage systems are uniquely suited to benefit from Catalogic copy data management for EMC. The unprecedented performance, ultra-low latency and sub-millisecond response time provided by EMC All-Flash systems mean that snapshot and replication copies can be used to drive multiple simultaneous workloads, greatly reducing costs while speeding critical functions such as test/dev, DevOps, reporting, etc.  Catalogic provides the automation and tracking needed to amplify the savings and benefits of your EMC All-Flash storage.

ECX Data Sheet

Catalogic ECX provides application- and VMware-aware management of storage array copy processes: snapshots, replication and clones. But using ECX, users can dramatically lower the time spent on managing copies, reduce copy sprawl, and deliver useable data copies or virtual machines to end users with the push of a button.

Product Spotlight: Does Your Copy Data Solution Play Checkers or Chess?

This report by Storage Switzerland discusses the difference between Copy Data solutions that provide the basic minimum functionality (playing checkers) compared to those that are truly of strategic value to an organization (playing chess). In speaking of Catalogic, the report notes that "the value of the solution continues to increase." Covered are new feature additions for SAP HANA, Epic Electronic Health Record, InterSystem Caché and SQL Server.

How can Catalogic ECX copy data management software help you?

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