Catalogic Drives IT Modernization for NetApp

NetApp Alliance Partner LogoCatalogic ECX copy data management simplifies and automates operation of your NetApp FAS infrastructure and NetApp Data Fabric through comprehensive management of NetApp Snapshots®, SnapVault®, SnapMirror® and FlexClone® technologies, both in the data center and in the cloud.

In addition to automating common IT operations such as data protection, disaster recovery and test/dev infrastructure deployments, ECX opens the doors to IT modernization initiatives such as user self-service, Hybrid Cloud and DevOps. Catalogic ECX is an application- and VM-aware, template-based solution that scales easily, reduces operational errors and eliminates the need for scripting.  

Catalogic and the NetApp Data Fabric

Catalogic works with Data ONTAP® wherever it is found. Whether in your data center on physical NetApp FAS and FlexPod® systems, systems hosted as NetApp Private Storage, software-defined systems built with ONTAP Select, or virtualized in the cloud via NetApp ONTAP Cloud. Together, these different deployment modes form the NetApp Data Fabric, a seamless environment that lets you leverage your data no matter where it resides. Catalogic ECX provides value-adding copy data services on top of the Data Fabric through automation, self-service and data governance, dramatically reducing management overhead while enhancing reliability.  

Catalogic and NetApp All Flash FAS

NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) storage systems are uniquely suited to benefit from Catalogic ECX copy data management. The exceptional storage IOPs and low latency provided by all-flash systems mean that snapshot and replica FlexClone copies can be used to drive multiple simultaneous workloads, greatly reducing costs while speeding critical functions such as test/dev, DevOps, reporting, etc. Catalogic provides the automation and tracking needed to amplify the savings and benefits of your NetApp All Flash FAS arrays.

NetApp powered by ONTAP

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IT Modernization with NetApp Storage

Catalogic Copy Data Management (CDM) modernizes and transforms your NetApp Storage infrastructure. Catalogic provides the only integrated CDM solution that lets you:
Catalog and track copies and VMs across the enterprise
Automate protection SLAs, copy creation and system provisioning
Transform IT operations with Hybrid Cloud, DevOps and user self-service 

How can Catalogic ECX copy data management software help you?

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