Full Stack Awareness

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FlashArray //M, //X, //C Series and Cloud Block Store

Reliable, efficient backup that works - Icon

VMware VMs, Physical Servers

Reliable, efficient backup that works - Icon

SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA and Intersystems Cache

Storage Protocols:
Reliable, efficient backup that works - Icon

Fiber Channel, iSCSI, Raw Device Mappings

Operating Systems:
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Windows, Linux and AIX

How it works?


Policy Driven App-Aware Snapshots

Catalogic ECX coordinates with database applications to create application consistent Pure Storage FlashRecover Snapshots based on customer defined SLAs.

Application state and metadata is captured in a centralized metadata catalog.

These zero footprint copies do not leave your FlashArray and takes full advantage of the exceptional FlashReduce data reduction features.


Replicate to another FlashArray /S3 storage

ECX can replicate the app-aware snapshots to any other FlashArray or Cloud Block Store running on AWS or to a compatible S3 or NFS target such as FlashBlade.

When replicating to a Pure FlashArray, all the deduplication benefits are intact, not rehydrated and the network link is not saturated.

Optionally, coordinate your masking workflows on Oracle databases, or catalog your copied on RMAN catalog for advanced use case.


Self-Service Automation, Recovery and Cloning

With ECX, RBAC controlled Users can perform self-service recoveries or cloning of VMs or Databases they have access to.

Automatically combine restores with clean-ups to perform Database Refreshes and Resets.

Perform your testing, analytics and staging without compromising performance.

Use ECX REST APIs through vRealize, Puppet, Jenkins or any of your preferred orchestration or continuous integration (CI) tool.

IT Present and Future: A #CUBEConversation with Pure Storage and Catalogic Software

In this wide-ranging discussion, Vaughn Stewart, VP of Technology at Pure Storage, and Prashant Jagannathan, Technical Director at Catalogic Software, sit down with John Furrier of The Cube to cover IT both now and where it’s going in the future. As Stewart notes, Catalogic "fills a huge gap in the market" and allows users to accelerate their copy operations for use cases such as enhanced data protection, faster and more efficient software dev-test, and easier movement to cloud-like functionality in the data center.