We provide an array of professional services to assist with deployment, testing, and maintenance of Catalogic Software in your environment. To find out more or schedule a consultation, contact us.

Data Protection Assessment and Upgrade Services

We are continually improving and enhancing our intelligent copy data solutions to deliver greater value and performance for our customers. Our assessment and upgrade services help you seamlessly take advantage of available software upgrades.

With this service, you receive:

  • A free workshop to quickly assess your system, clarify data protection goals and outline the benefits of updated product versions
  • In-depth assessment of your data protection system, including recommendations for optimal configuration 
  • Expert upgrade assistance, ensuring a smooth and quick deployment

Disaster Recovery Test Prep / Test Assist

Disaster Recovery testing is critical to ensuring that business continuity plans are effective, yet this testing often needs to be carried out in a very short time window and with limited staff. With the Disaster Recovery Test Prep service, expert Catalogic engineers help you streamline and optimize your DR test plans, making them more efficient and cost-effective. Disaster Recovery Test Assist service increases your staff confidence and expertise in DR planning and implementation.   

Catalogic’s disaster recovery suite of services helps you:

  • Reduce personnel and system resource costs   
  • Minimize recovery time  
  • Identify and resolve possible software, hardware and network issues that may prevent you from successfully recovering your data and applications 

Fast Start Data Protection Implementation Services

Designed for new customers, Fast Start is an effective way to rapidly deploy Catalogic data protection solutions within your environment. Our implementation specialists work with your staff to install, configure and test backup, recovery and DR capabilities, while also providing hands-on training on how to effectively operate, maintain and manage your environment. Offerings include:

Fast Start Basic:

For new installations utilizing traditional file-level backup.

Fast Start Advanced:

For new installations utilizing block-level backup, disk-based data protection, replication and disaster recovery features.

Fast Start Add-On Options:

Database Option – data protection for databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, SAP and others.
Messaging System Option – data protection for Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.
Reporting Option – implementation of reporting functionality.

Data Protection Check

Maximize the efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness of your ECX and DPX solutions with this maintenance service that allows you to take advantage of the extensive expertise of Catalogic’s Professional Services Engineers. With Data Protection Check, you get:

  • Expert analysis and recommendations from experienced specialists
  • Create an enterprise catalog of primary and copy data
  • Reduced storage costs through more effective utilization of your data protection destination storage
  • Reduced backup windows 
  • Increased backup and DR success rates
  • Reduced backup administration time
  • Minimized facility and resource costs 

Customized Services

Customized services provide tailored implementation, advisory, training and other offerings for new, changing or expanding enterprises. Catalogic’s Customized Services include: 

  • Consulting 
  • Customized deployment
  • Adding new components to your enterprise
  • Implementing cataloging of your primary and copy data
  • Implementing virtualization protection
  • Implementing remote office data protection
  • Onsite hands-on and classroom-based training
  • Project services
  • Process documentation
  • Disaster recovery planning and testing
  • Optimization and tuning
  • Upgrades and migrations
  • Best practices reviews
  • Operations services
  • Environment and performance assessments