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Is your NetApp file environment out of control? We've got the solution.
May 16th, 2019  | Runtime 20 minutes

Categories: NetApp Tools

Nobody has to be told that their unstructured data – you know, files! – have been growing out-of-control for years now. You don’t know how many files you have. You can’t find files when you need to. Problems abound. But we’ve got the solution! Two power tools for NetApp file systems (CIFS/NFS) tackle the problems that come with file growth.

RestoreManager indexes all your files and lets you find what you need in seconds. And it gives you one-click file recovery. And DataAnalyzer digs into your file metadata and lets you know what’s going on. How many files, how old they are, what kind of data: all that information and much more is at your finger tips. This 20-minute webinar shows you how these power tools can help you get a grip on your files.

On-demand webinar recording available.