6. Pausing backups

Kubedr supports pausing and resuming backups.

To pause a backup, you need to patch the MetadataBackupPolicy resource by following standard Kubernetes way of making partial changes to a resource.

First, create a file called suspend.yaml (you can choose any name you want) with the following contents:

  suspend: true

Replace <NAME> in the following command with the name of the policy resource and then run it:

$ kubectl -n kubedr-system patch \
  metadatabackuppolicy.kubedr.catalogicsoftware.com/<NAME> \
  --patch "$(cat suspend.yaml)" --type merge

You can verify that the backups are indeed suspended by checking the cronjob resource as follows (“SUSPEND” column should show “True”):

$ kubectl -n kubedr-system get cronjobs
NAME                             SCHEDULE      SUSPEND   ACTIVE   LAST SCHEDULE   AGE
test-backup-new-backup-cronjob   */2 * * * *   True     0        5m59s           13m

To resume backups, follow the same procedure as above but this time, use the following snippet:

  suspend: false