10. Uninstall

To uninstall:

  • Delete all the CRs

  • Delete the namespace kubedr-system

  • Delete CRDs

It is important to follow the order of deletions as otherwise, deletion of namespace may hang. Here are the commands to uninstall:

$ alias k="kubectl -n kubedr-system"

# Delete all CRs
$ k delete metadatabackuppolicy --all
$ k delete metadatabackuprecord --all
$ k delete backuplocation --all

# Delete the namespace
$ kubectl delete namespace kubedr-system

# Delete CRDs
$ kubectl delete crd metadatabackuppolicies.kubedr.catalogicsoftware.com
$ kubectl delete crd metadatabackuprecords.kubedr.catalogicsoftware.com
$ kubectl delete crd backuplocations.kubedr.catalogicsoftware.com

If you don’t need the backups any more, go ahead and delete the bucket on S3.


In the future, you will be able to install and uninstall using Helm.